Financial Aid

Tuition Costs

Tuition costs can change from academic year to year.  For details on current 2013-2014 costs, please see Student Financial Services.

Funding Breakdown

Statistics PhD students are typically supported through University fellowships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships.  Check TGS funding webpage for information on loans, fellowships, grants and assistantships.

Students are guaranteed funding for five academic years and four summers (not the fifth summer), provided that the student maintains satisfactory academic standing.

PhD students are typically supported by a university fellowship in their first year (including summer) and fifth year (no summer) to help students concentrate on core coursework and the dissertation, respectively.

In years two through four, students are typically supported by teaching assistantships in the academic year and research fellowships in the summer.

In some cases, a sixth year student may obtain financial support through a faculty member’s research fund or from the department if a TA position is available.  This option is only provided to students making satisfactory academic progress.

For information about applying for external fellowships or funding, please visit the Office of Fellowships.