View the 2018-2019 Course Schedule to see which courses the Department intends to offer this academic year.

STAT 301-1, 2, 3 Data Science

STAT 302 Data Visualization

STAT 325 Survey Sampling

STAT 330-1,2 Applied Statistics for Research

STAT 338 History of Statistics

STAT 344 Statistical Computing

STAT 345 Statistical Demography

STAT 350 Regression Analysis

STAT 351 Design and Analysis of Experiments

STAT 352 Nonparametric Statistical Methods

STAT 355 Analysis of Qualitative Data

STAT 359 Topics in Statistics

The following courses were recently taught as Statistics 359:

  • Elementary Bayesian Statistics (Tanner)
  • Binary Response Data (W Jiang)
  • Statistical Methods in DNA Identification (Zabell)
  • Applied Time Series Modeling and Forecasting (Andrews)
  • Mixture Models and Application (Wang)
  • Simultaneous Statistical Inference (H Jiang)
  • Causal Inferences (Hedges)

STAT 365 Introduction to Financial Statistics

STAT 420-1,2,3 Introduction to Statistical Theory and Methodology

STAT 439 Meta-Analysis

STAT 448 Multivariate Statistical Methods

STAT 453 Survival Analysis

STAT 455 Advanced Analysis of Qualitative Data

STAT 456 Generalized Linear Models

STAT 454 Time Series Analysis

STAT 457 Applied Bayesian Inference

STAT 461 Advanced Topics in Statistics

The following courses were recently taught as STAT 461:

  • Design and Analysis of Cluster Randomized Experiments (Hedges)
  • Theory of Data Mining (Jiang)
  • Teaching Statistics in the Social Sciences (Tanner)

STAT 465 Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

STAT 466 Likelihood Methods

STAT 499 Independent Study