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Completing the MS Degree

Completing the Master of Science in Statistics Degree

All MS candidates are required to meet the TGS degree requirements and complete a Culminating Experience Project using statistics as part of their MS degree completion. The MS Program Director will communicate with student to determine the timeline and deliverables required for the project as part of the approval process.


Culminating Experience Project Proposal, Submission, and Approval

Once you have completed all of the coursework you are required to do a culminating experience project to complete the MS in Stats degree requirements. This project is typically work that will be included in your PhD thesis but can also be a stand-alone project. When you are ready to propose your final project, follow these steps:

  1. Complete a MS Culminating Experience Project Proposal Form
  2. Students submit the completed form to MS Program Director, Larry Hedges, and Department Assistant, Kisa Kowal, via email:;
  3. The form will be returned to you with the department's expectations for the project, review, sign, and return the form to Department Assistant, Kisa Kowal, via email:
  4. A copy of the approved form will emailed to you.


Submitting the Completed Culminating Experience Project

When you have completed your Culminating Experience Project submit it to the MS Program Director, Larry Hedges, and Department Assistant, Kisa Kowal, via email:;

The MS Program Director is responsible for reviewing the completed MS Culminating Experience Project and communicating degree approval to the Statistics Department DGS.

After your culminating project is received, Department Assistant, Kisa Kowal, will confirm the coursework you have completed for the MS degree.

 Once all requirements have been satisfactorily met, the Department will issue you a letter of completion for your and our records. This letter is NOT an official degree document. Since your MS degree will be conferred in the same quarter as your PhD this letter serves as a record that you have met the department's requirements and can be presented if the record is needed at the time of degree conferral.


Degree Completion

The MS is awarded simultaneously with the PhD.

When students pursue multiple degrees concurrently that are not part of an existing combined degree program, all degrees must be conferred in the same quarter. Furthermore, a student who departs (withdraws, is dismissed, or otherwise discontinued from) the program in which they were originally admitted becomes ineligible for the secondary degree.

Students may apply for completion of the MS degree in Statistics when all of their PhD degree requirements have been completed. The Master’s degree completion information can be found here. The PhD completion information is available here. At graduation time, please contact TGS Student Services to ensure that your Application for a Master’s Degree and Application for a PhD degree have been received and processed.


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