Graduate Students

Austin Alleman | Research interests include: Graphical and network statistics, machine learning

Martha Eichlersmith

Frank Fineis | Research interests include: time series, machine learning, and anomaly detection

Katie (Kaitlyn) Fitzgerald | 2. Sampling design and meta-analysis, particularly as applied to global development and social policy

Mindy Hong | Research interests: quasi-experimental designs, design & analysis of adaptive treatment strategies, personalized medicine

Thomas Ippolito

    Tsz Kit Lau | Research interests: machine learning, optimization and high-dimensional statistics

      Jiahui Lyu

        Sarah Peko-Spicer | Research interests include: meta-analysis, missing data

        Sebastian Rodriguez

        Jacob Schauer | Research interests include: Meta-analysis, missing data, Bayesian inference, and statistical disclosure control

        Wenqian Wang | Research interest include: Time series, spatial analysis and neural network

        Yiben Yang | Research interests include: Bioinformatics

        Oscar Zarate | Research interests include: Data Privacy, Bioinformatics

        Jingyang Zhang | Research Interests: social statistics, sampling, access data quality, machine learning

          Minhui Zheng | Research interests include: Network sampling

          Ruimin Zhu | Research interests include nonparametric Bayesian model, probabilistic models in machine learning, natural language processing