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Minoring in Data Science

All cohorts are currently full

Space in the Data Science Minor is limited.

Students are assigned to cohorts based on the academic year they are assigned to take the core Data Science courses. Each cohort can have a maximum of 50 students. Students are not permitted to declare the minor prior to their Sophomore year.

All cohorts are currently full

 Current juniors and sophomores who will graduate between Spring 2021 and Summer 2022 are welcome to add themselves to the waitlist for the minor:

Waitlist for declaring the minor

This waitlist is for students who will graduate between Spring 2021 and Summer 2022 ONLY. If space becomes available in a cohort students on the waitlist will be notified.


First year students entering the university in Fall 2019 will be eligible to declare the minor in Fall 2020. Sign up for the Data Science Minor notification list so you do not miss any announcements regarding the minor information sessions and the Fall declaration day.

 Data Science Minor notification list

Please note that we will only be able to accept up to 40 students from this year’s First Year class into the next available cohort so it is important to be on the notification list and to act quickly once information is sent to you.



Students minoring in Data Science receive exposure to computational and applied statistical techniques. This minor provides a strong foundation for students preparing for employment in the data economy or graduate study. 6 courses are required to complete the minor.


*Courses used to fulfill the requirements for the Data Science Minor may not be used to fulfill the requirements for another major/minor. You will need to take an approved replacement course to satisfy the credit requirements of the Data Science minor.

If you are or are considering majoring/minoring in Statistics, please see the Data Science Minor for Statistics Majors page for modified requirement information

Expectations and coursework

Students will develop data acumen by learning how to ethically and effectively collect, process, explore, communicate, and make decisions with data and how to combine these components into an efficient data workflow.

The core courses (Data Science 1, 2, 3, and Data Visualization) are designed for students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to build an appropriate data workflow through project work. In each of these courses students will be expected to complete 1-2 weekly assignments and a final data project focused on a dataset they have sourced. Students should be prepared to dedicate approximately 5-9 hours per week outside of class to course work.

Declaring the Data Science Minor

Advising appointments for the Data Science minor will begin in Fall 2019. More information coming soon.


Please contact

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