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Majoring in Statistics

Statistics is the scientific discipline that deals with the collection, organization, analysis, display, and interpretation of data. A major in Statistics is a good choice for students with strong math skills together with interests ranging from research in the biological, social and physical sciences to applications in law, medicine, government decision-making, finance, accounting, engineering, and actuarial work. Many Statistics majors have a second major in some field in which statistical methods are used.

Statistics Majors take both statistics courses and related mathematics courses. 

Related Math Courses

An undergraduate statistics major requires prior training in calculus and linear algebra.

Pre/Co-requisites for the 300 level courses in the Statistics Major



Or the MATH 281 series - Accelerated Mathematics for ISP
Or the MATH 285 series - Accelerated Mathematics for MMSS
Or the MATH 290 series - MENU: Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus
Or the MATH 291 series - MENU: Intensive Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus

*See Placement in Calculus and non-Calculus Courses from the Math department for detailed information about calculus placement.

Students do not have to complete all of the related Math courses before starting the main Statistics course sequence (STAT 320); however, courses in the main Statistics sequence do require some of these Math courses as either prerequisites or co-requisites. See the Full Course List on our website or the Undergraduate Course Catalog for course specific requirements.

Major Course Requirements (minimum of 8 courses)

*Students with a score of 4 or a 5 on the AP Statistics exam may receive credit for STAT 202-0 and thus do not need to take an introductory course.

Students who expect to eventually obtain a PhD in statistics should take additional mathematics coursework. Since modern statistical work relies heavily on computers, students are also encouraged to develop skills in programming and use of advanced statistical software. The Director of Undergraduate Studies and other members of the faculty can recommend courses that are likely to be most valuable for those with particular interests.

Honors in Statistics

Honors in Statistics gives outstanding senior majors an opportunity to design and carry out a research project of their choice, which forms the basis of the Honors Thesis. Read more 


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