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Minor in Data Science

Thank you for your interest in the new Data Science Minor. We are currently at capacity for the minor and are unable to accept any more students at this time.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the collection of methods and techniques used to appropriately acquire, manipulate, and analyze raw data for the purposes of making impactful decisions and building a better understanding of the world around us. It is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines concepts from statistics, computer science, and mathematics with domain-specific knowledge to extract insightful information from data.


Why Study it?

The amount of data being generated and retained has and continues to massively expand as our world becomes increasingly interconnected and digital. This has transformed data into an abundant natural resource that requires skilled data scientists that are able to ethically and properly process data. This need for data scientists impacts many fields: finance, marketing, medicine, sports analytics, journalism, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, energy, travel and transportation, local and national security, and many more.

Students minoring in Data Science will receive exposure to computational and applied statistical techniques that offer comprehensive foundations in aspects of data science, preparing students for employment, graduate study in data science or (when combined with appropriate disciplinary training) graduate study in data- or computation-intensive programs in science or social science.

6 courses are required to complete the minor.

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